Nordic Walking

Benefits, techniques and levels for outdoor well-being

People who love active holidays can choose one of the Ferretti Sport Hotel facilities on the Romagna Riviera which recommends Nordic walking.

Nordic walking is a comprehensive type of activity designed to improve one's physical condition and tone the muscles of the body, irrespective of age, gender or physical fitness.

Nordic walking: levels of intensity

According to one's basic training level and specific individual goals, Nordic walking can be done at three levels of intensity:




The Benefits of Nordic Walking

  • You use up 20% to 50% more calories than normal walking
  • You can tone all the muscles in your body
  • You can improve your posture and control of your body
  • You can improve your base metabolism
  • You can increase flexibility and joint mobility
  • You can reduce localised tension
  • You can have fun
  • You can socialise
  • You have an outdoor adventure
  • In order to enjoy all the benefits of Nordic Walking, you must adopt the appropriate technique


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