Ferretti Sport

Sports tourism: special deals and retreats

Ferretti Sport is a Ferretti Hotels brand that manages the sports tourism offer.
We offer a selection of three and four star hotels to people looking for a holiday designed around sport. These hotels can accommodate for groups, sports associations and teams.

Our three and four star establishments are mainly located in the province of Rimini.
They are situated in a unique geographical location which offers a wide range of trails - including ones that weave across the hills of Romagna and Le Marche - the chance to relax on the beach, enjoy splendid days outdoors or spend time tasting food and wine.

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Services and sports

We organise tours and retreats for different sports categories: football, on-road cycling, mountain biking, Nordic walking, tennis, swimming, dancing, volleyball, basketball, athletics and fitness.
Our services target professional and amateur sports enthusiasts, and under and over associations, responding to each group’s different needs.

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